Testimonials for Truthteller Yvonne Young

Quotes from Nurse Participants at Sacred Heart Hospital Learning and Development Retreat:

What a great morning you provided! Thanks so much for learning +fun and inspiration.


You are a great role model for storytellers near and far!


What a joy to meet you, hear your stories and learn from you. You are a gem!


Quotes from teacher participants in storytelling for Teachers class official evaluation, written anonymously:

It is a thrill to realize that I can tell stories too! It isn't some magical, mystical talent given to only a chosen few.

The instructor had a vast repertoire. Her stories were varied enough to suit any taste

An excellent job! The course was well balanced, fun, and very worthwhile.

Miscellaneous quotes:

Monica struggles with reading and especially with writing. She blossomed during Yvonne's storytelling sessions. She became one of the best storytellers among her peers.

Stan Jones
5th Grade Teacher
Meadow View School

Fantastic, best workshop I have attended. Being a novice storyteller I received very useful tips.

Anonymous Participant in
The ABC's of Storytelling Workshop
2005 National Storytelling Network Conference

Yvonne is not only a gifted storyteller, she has a wonderful way with children. She manages a group with positive, nurturing comments.

Connie Whiddett
3rd grade teacher
Irving Elementary School

It was a great class. Your teaching style is perfect.

Barbara Shaw
Storytelling Class Participant
Oasis Senior Center

You are one of the best storytellers in the whole wide world!

Grade 2
Westmoreland School

I thank you for telling us those marvelous and enchanting stories. Everyone I hear, I learn a little bit more about life and the many views of it! Thanks!

Sheridan Hughes
7th grader